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That Gucci

We Might Die Bundle

You get the hoodie, the t-shirt, the autographed CD and stickers. But wait, there's more.... buy this bundle now and get your name along with everybody who cops this bundle in the end of one of my music videos!

Dumb Records Your Voicemail

I’ll record your voicemail message for you. Probably say something nice about you or talk shit! Depending on if I fuck with you. 

Includes the $100 We Might Die Bundle.

Ktown Board of Tourism Package

You already know i be knowing all the ill spots out in Koreatown. I will personally take you and a friend out for a night out in Los Angeles' Ktown. Eat what I eat, drink what I drink, get down where I get down. This might be the best K-town tour ever. Also, maybe the only one. But still.

Includes the We Might Die Bundle.  

* Must be during mutually agreeable time.  Email dfd@dumbfoundead.com if you want to check availability before buying.



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